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When I use the term Meditation, an image of a person seated cross-legged in front of an altar at home, a bearded yogi sitting in a secluded cave in the Himalayas or some other visual may come to mind. That individual may be a representation of what you understand is the way to meditate. However, there are various forms to meditate. 

The one I practice and teach is called ‘Modern Meditation for busy people like us’, which is done behind your computer, for example, before your day starts or lying on the couch or bed before you go to sleep.

There is a lot of woo-woo and mysticism around meditation. For that reason, I always call it the ‘M - Word’ : hoping to demystify the concept of meditation a bit, as I strongly believe that there should be nothing vague, mystical or dream catchy about it. Down-to-earth meditations can do the same job and can lead to the same results. 

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Are you ambitious?

Do you want to unlock your inner genius?

And are you looking for high performing superpowers?


Then you’re at the right place!


Buckle up for getting to know how to unlock your full brain potential at work, but also broader in daily life.


I will make you familiar with, and let you experience the most efficient tool (a tip of the veil: the M... word ;-)) for this so that you can experience the scientific benefits yourself and really get high performing superpowers!


Wan't to know more? Contact me now to further discuss!

Curious about my modern meditations itself? Please read the review in the Dutch National Newspaper Trouw here (in Dutch though), or try one of my modern meditations on Spotify here.  Interested in one? I also host them virtual and real life.

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